Kong SqueakAir

$7.99 - $17.99

The KONG Squeakair Ball combines two classic dog toys - the tennis ball and the squeaker toy - to create the perfect fetch toy. Our durable, high-quality Squeakair tennis ball will not wear down your dog's teeth. It's made with a special non-abrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls.

Perfect for games of fetch

Squeaker to induce play

Non-abrasive tennis material will not wear down your dog's teeth








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These Kong Squeakair Balls are just loads of fun for your dog, we find our dogs just love the squeak and in most cases, all the dogs just come running to you, even the dogs that aren't yours. You will always find use with one of these as we usually find if food doesn't work for recall, this ball will.


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